Do Ideas Live and Die Through Us? A Story of An Artist


Written by Shazeen (UK), Interviewing Frederick Hubble (UK) What is your passion? My practice surrounds ideas of human nature. When I’m making things or constructing a situation, it’s a way for me to think philosophically about individual ideas and the relationship between them. Romantically or poetically contemplative ideas fill me with the desire to sit […]


The Other Side

chen 2

By Susan Chen I find one of my biggest obstacles when it comes to writing articles such as these, is that I never know what to write. How can I write an article that represents a certain depth of me, while also representing the totality of me, and my life’s journey? I do admit, it […]


‘Moving at God’s Speed’


By Maira Butt I’m a lifetime member of that cursed and denigrated group: the dreamers. Always imagining, thinking, wishing, hoping, craving, thinking of a world that doesn’t exist but that you live to prove should. The usually poisonous term used to dismiss our thoughts, aspirations and actions is ‘naïve’ or the one I personally most […]


A Restless Mind

a restless mind

This story is by Josef at josefboutte-art-blog. Josef is a creative, young man with a strong ambition to fulfill his life’s dreams. He is a rather intriguing folk because he has his own style and method to achieving his dreams. Living for the moment is also a vital ingredient of his happiness. I will hand […]